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May29-Paterson New jersey Selling a HP officejet 6000 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer. Up to 32 black and 28 ppm color use individual ink tanks, Up to 40% less energy consumption than laser, Up 40% lower cpp than laser, buit-in wireless networking and automatic two-sided printing. 862-237-8020 ariz

Jan2-Linden New Jersey Printer ink model Ricoh printer cartridge SP 3400 HA Ricoh SP 3400LA $50 a piece. Total of 5. 862-766-7011 Ms barrett
Jun28-valley Kentucky iPhone 6s plus 128gb cost $500 original and unlocked interested buyers email me 0 492 345 6789 cooper
Jan28-Waikato North Island ca iPhone 6s plus 128gb $600. ph: 049234567890 danney gary
Jul17-Alexandria Virginia Dell inspiron 1300 laptop for sale. $100 obo. selling as is. call 202 460-4318. Sabrina
Watch The 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion Video For FREE! ($17.00 Value) - Available For A Limited Time Only...

Mar28-Woodinville Washington Out with the old and in with the new. Liquidating office furniture. Chairs, desks, bookcases, carts, file cabinets etc. Monday through Friday 8am to 2:30pm Melissa 425-949-4557
Dec16-southfield mi i am selling my media tower. its aHP Pavilion p6320y Refurbished Desktop PC - Here are the specs: AMD Phenom II X4 820 2.8GHz, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bitItem#: M975-10260 Model#: RB-AY748AA Call/text dan for price 248 795 3249 Dan
Dec16-southfield mi Brand new Adobe Acrobat Standard XI. brand new never opened. $150. 248 795 3249 Dan c.
Sep16-San Diego California Rosetta Stone Arabic 1, Version 2. Disc still in plastic. Includes all Installation Materials, User's Guide for Levels 1 & 2, Student Management System, and Curriculum Text for Level 1. 208-818-8163 Stone
Aug29-Portland Oregon office furniture for sale on an online auction - - auction will take place on august 30, 2012. some furniture includes Ikea desks and shelving, Ikea coffee table, Herman Miller chairs, whiteboards, lamps, and much more. Check it out. Dennis 616 608 8411
Aug24-watauga/keller TX 60inch mitsubishi hdtv 1080p.3D ready,3 rear HDMI inputs, 2 rear component video inputs,front component video input and a front USB input. Perfect condition, hardly used original remote and manual, no scratches,vivid picture, great sound, very light and easy to move. $500 obo. 817 524 5112 wendell shealey
Aug9-Miramar Florida Craftsman 5600 Watt generator for sale brand new in box, selling for $500, it goes for $650 contact me at 954-494-9225 Carie Sanchez
Mar19-Fort Worth TX 60 inch Mitsubishi 1080p DLP HDTV. only 2 years old, not really used. erfect condition with remote and owners manual. New msrp $1250, will take $800 obo. text or email if interested. 817 524 5112 wendell
Mar6-Lewisburg TN Brand New Blackberry Porsche with complete accessories in the box. $800 Call: 702 409 9352 Email: ph: +447024099352 David

The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami

Magnet Secrets by Peter Lindemann

Real Rain Making by Trevor Constable

Classic Energy Videos

Leuren Moret & Alfred L. Webre: US Space shuttle covert mission was chemtrails in space for HAARP Oct 2, 2011.  Aug 14 interview

A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free Electricity is Finally On The Open, And You'll Never Have To Pay A Single Dime to the Power Company... Magnawork
Sep18-Omaha Nebraska Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 30 GB Camcorder - Silver The camera is in excellent condition. Everything works. It does have one or two cosmetic scratches. It comes with the original box, software, manual, docking station, adapter & cables. I'm also including a free 32MB Memory Stick Duo and Swiss Gear Ca 402 505 0064 Susan
Jul13-North Richland Hills TX 1.4 Drives dvd rw, dvd rom, cd rw and floppy drive. 2.3 Network card 3.2 Webcam with software 4.4 Stick of Memory 2 128m and 3 512m 5.2 Raetheon Video card 128 and 512. 6.Other computer parts $50 for it all. Ron

The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters  Smart Meters

How HAARP works, and a possible real reason why there are chemtrails

The Chemtrail Song: The Chemtrail Song: "A Plane Trail of Deadly Deception" by trillion featuring Luca

Radioactivity in rain 20 000cpm / sq. meter Toronto Canada!  Toronto radiation

Leuren Moret & Alfred L. Webre: Japan, U.S., Canadian governments complicit in covering up Fukushima radiation Aug 14, 2011.  Aug 14 interview

Leuren Moret & Alfred L. Webre: Fukushima is getting worse and more dangerous to entire planet. June 15, 2011.  June 15th interview

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch  geoengineering at and the Agriculture Defense Coalition at No one - not a single government agency or private corporation - has the right to pollute our air or drinking water, modify our weather, or impact the living environment around us. But it's happening as you read this right here in North America and around the world. This two hour radio presentation is a wake-up call regarding the realities in our skies and on our land during May, Atmospheric Geoengineering Awareness Month.

5th interview May7 Leuren Moret - Fukushima HAARP nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks  5th interview japan earthquake is tectonic warfare

4th interview Leuren Moret - Coverup! California, Northwest USA, B.C. Canada under radiation threat as high as Japan  4th interview japan earthquake is tectonic warfare

3rd interview Leuren Moret - Scientists declare northern 1/3 of Japan uninhabitable and should be evacuated  3rd interview japan earthquake is tectonic warfare

2nd interview Leuren Moret - Japan nuclear war targets US Canada Mexico and Hawaii  2nd interview japan earthquake is tectonic warfare

Scientist Leuren Moret - Japan earthquake and nuclear "accident" are tectonic nuclear warfare  japan earthquake is tectonic warfare

Nicola Tesla Secret

What in the World are They Spraying?  chemtrails

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped  ted gunderson chemtrails

Video:smart meter SMART METER ALERT

A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free Electricity is Finally On The Open, And You'll Never Have To Pay A Single Dime to the Power Company... Magnawork

Suppressed Inventions - Revolutionary Products

Sep3-houston texas An Entire building out of busniess all type of office, decor, electronic, computer, tool for print shop and carpenter, exe. chairs and table. on going for all september walkin welcome on sep 17 from 5 to 8 and sep. 18 &19 from 10- 7 all other date by appointment call 713-952-6092 ojay grace/ lucia lazo

The rumors -- and the patents -- describe HAARP not as some irrelevant backwoods lab but, rather as *the hotbed* of the the most high-tech weaponry on Earth, with applications in "weather warfare," "tectonic warfare" and "mass brainwave entrainment" - amid a host of imaginative uses of ELF and scalar weapons. the most straightforward and informative video about HAARP and the history of this facility.

Obama not the first modern US president not born in USA
Mar11-Grand Blanc MI Turns cassette tapes into MP3s. $80 plus shipping. Tape 2 PC is a revolutionary tape deck that plays and records tapes, with a twist: it turns your music into MP3s Tape 2 PC has a convenient USB connection so you can plug into your PC. 810 397-1494 Ashley
Here is clear physical proof that nukes brought down the WTC towers. 26 part ( 10 min segments) YouTube video. Download to your own computer (if you have room), this video may not stay available on YouTube.
9/11 WTC nuclear demolition & the Soviet missile in the Pentagon. Dimitri Khalezov, a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence, explains true mechanics of pulverisations of the Twin Towers & the WTC-7, as well as existence of a secret nuclear demolition scheme of the World Trade Center in New York & of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Practically no question is left of the 9/11 mystery
Feb21-Los Angeles CA Lighting, neon red. The light is shaped in the form of a lightning bolt. It is in perfect condition. Hangs, or can be mounted on wall. 2 feet wide by 4 and a half feet long. Pictures can be emailed if interested. 424-653-8656 janel
Click on : Rysa Interviews Freeman ; 4-13-10; -- EXTREMELY Intriguing Freemasonry

Feb2-Utrecht Nederland Hard disk crash? Data verloren? Haal uw data terug. Ook voor complete Raid systemen, notebooks, harde schijven, tapes, memory cards, DVDs en alle andere media en zelfs Forensic research. ph: 3584 BH Rohit Mehra
In short, Russell, the Secretary of Defense of the United States confirmed that there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. More of Article...
Article: Why we are getting colder winters and summers: Telsa-Style Weather Control Since The Early 1990s Weaponized Clandestine Weather Modification
Also 5 pt YouTube Video: Owning The Weather  owning the weather

YouTube Video: RFID Jesse Ventura goes after big brother  ventura frid

Alex Jones has come out with a very good movie/documentary that addresses a lot of the scam of carbon trading and what's really behind it. It is nearly 2 and a half hours long and the expose on cap and trade is mostly in the second half. I guarantee that anybody who watches the whole movie will have an altered viewpoint at least to some degree. Fall of the Republic  fall of the republic

Want to Generate Free Energy?
Using the magniwork generator, you will be able to generate absolutely free electric energy. It is easy to construct and doesn't require any external source of energy to power itself. The Magniwork generator works by itself, and can independently power your home and help you say goodbye to the power bill. Proceed to the
Magniwork Website


2 hr Google Video: Where all the money goes Two sets of books  Burrian

Nov8-North Charleston SC 9 XBOX 360 games for $140. There are no scratches Buyer pays shipping. Email me for picture. Here is a list of the games. Saints Row Resident Evil Need For Speed Prostreet Fear First Encounter Assault Recon Bioshock Blacksite Area 5 Mass Effect Project Gotham Racing 3 Gears Of 843-609-6844 Katie
Tim Hawkins Tim Hawkins - The Government Can (Hilarious Entertaining Music Video)

Magnet4Power Blueprints - Can You Power Your Home For Free? Read Our Reviews And Find Out How

10 min YouTube RFID Video: Invasive technology to ruin your life  RFID

From : Something of extraordinary importance and significance occurred during Don Nicoloff’s radio show, "Evident Footprints", on Friday, May 29, 2009. A phone call came in near the end of Don’s regular Friday night interview with researcher, inventor, and scientist, Jim Murray. The caller said his name was General Jeremiah from the United Galactic Federation and that he was calling Don from a large spacecraft called the Alliance, located 26,000 miles above earth. Hoax or not, I guarantee that if you can withhold skepticism and disbelief you will be entertained if not enlightened. Click Here for the radio interview...  RFID

Today's Front Pages from newspapers all over the world. Email from a friend : "One of the most interesting sites I have ever seen. Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up... Double click and the page gets larger... I found you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place. You can spend forever here."

Aug28-madrid spain Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera for sale. ph: +34638328313 caroline smith
The History of the "Money Changers"

Jul26-Portland Oregon Wanted Microsoft/Adobe software. Office pro, basic, sbe, visio, project. Rob 503-504-0884
THE GREAT AMERICAN BUBBLE MACHINE From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression - and they're about to do it again. (FGS Editor Correction : Have just done it again this week with the passing of the "GLOBAL WARMING cap-and-trade bill") By MATT TAIBBI ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE. JULY 9-23, 2009
Jul24-Hollywood California Panasonic Palm Sight, 18x Hi Def Zoom Lens only, not HD using the Mini DV format. Model PV-DV200D. Used but original owner. Can be used for webcam and videomail. Very good shape, no battery. Firewire, PCM stereo microphone with mini outlet, LCD, low light, great quality, white balance 818-955-6539 Randy De Troit
Gilbert Arizona Tea Party - Pastor Steven L Anderson Great Speech  Pastor Steven L Anderson Great Speech(7 min 49 sec YouTube Video)

Slash Your Power Bills by 80% with Solar and Wind - Or Even Eliminate Them Completely Click Here!
Jun15-sweetwater tn cell phones blackberry storm brand new $200, lg envy like new $100, both phones verizon. also have us cellular blackberry peals $100 one blue and red storm is black and envey is red please contact 423 836-6264 or 423836-7676 patrick cod
Hot* New Movie Site: Unlimited 24/7 Downloads! No time limits, no bandwidth limits, no content limits! Easily Burn Your Movies to DVD or CD, no expensive DVD burner required Click Here!

May10-mastic ny brand new toshiba portable dvd/cd player. model sd-p1900 with 9 inch wide screen, 5 hr rechargeable battery. price is $100, other reasonale offers considered. pls e-mail with any questions. buyer pays shipping 631-772-7186 dave
Forbidden Knowledge Video:ForbiddenKnowledge video lecture by Jack Otto - gives his understanding on the hidden history of the Khazar empire, the Illuminati, banking cartel and their links to the New World Order. (6 pt YouTube Video)

May4-Toledo ohio Apple Iphone 16GB 3G unlocked $350 usd Apple Iphone 8GB 3G unlocked $320 usd Terrence Bright
Could This Be The Worst Economic Crisis Ever? Video:Worst Economic Crisis Ever? (11 min YouTube Video)

May4-montreal quebec Large computer table with drawers, plus computer stuff like hard drives, monitors, wires, etc. 514-979-9288 Mario
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