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Apr15-Jacksonville AL Selling unused fertility meds. Crinone 8% 4 boxes of 15 plus 5 individual sealed applicators not in a box $75 / box Exp 4/19 & 7/19. Estradiol 0.1 patches 8 boxes $40 / box Exp 4/18 & 5/18. Email or text me. 256-770-3891 Jennifer

Apr15-New York NY 14 vials Menopur exp 1/18 $15/ea, 1 Cetrotide exp 12/17 $20/ea, 4 vials Menopur exp 9/18 $35/ea, Follistim 900 exp 2/19 $475, Ganirelix exp 10/19 $70. Meds from pharmacy, unused, properly stored. Local NYC preferred. Text 562-533-8717 Orchid

Apr15-saranac lake NY im looking for left over femara, provera and promitrum if you have any of these medications that would be great im willing to pay via FedEx co and willing to also pay for shipping if you have any of these medication contact me at thank you very 518 304 3287 lindsey lagoy
Apr15-New york New york Scammer Alert, Breanna Jones, Breanna Brennan 202-780-1878 Utah. Paid for a trigger shot, in which it was never mailed to me, waiting days and no proof of tracking or mailing, no longer will respond via e mail Buyer Beware 631-312-0944 Janice
Apr13-San Diego CA I have available all unopened and refrigerated: 1 Cetrotide 0.25mg kit exp. 11/18 - $30. 4 Gonal F Multi-Dose 450 IU 2 exp 10/18 and 2 exp 2/19 $300 each. Willing to meet locally or ship FedEx COD. 760 822 3731 Katie
Apr13-Greensboro North Carolina In need of Follistim OR Gonal F - preferably 600iu vials or more. Shipping would be to North Carolina. Willing to pay for overnight shipping. USPS or FedEx COD only. Please let me know what you have and what you're charging. Texts at any hour is fine I work overnights. 516 322-7736 Danielle
Apr13-Spencer Indiana ISO FSH. Iso Menopur, follitism or any FSH. 317 601 2332 Chantel
Apr13-Vail Arizona Follistim 900I.U. cartridges x2 for sale. The boxes are sealed/have never been opened and have always been refrigerated correctly. I will throw in the pen, case, and needles for the pen with purchase. $260 for everything. 520 344 4161 Ellie
Apr13-Phoenix Arizona I have 2 unopened gonal F 900 IUI pens, and 3 cetrotide unopened. gonal f expires Jan/2019 cetrotide expires nov and dec 2018 asking $400 for all local pickup preferred shipping possibly available 480-842-7692 Veronica Gonzalez
Apr13-Milwaukee WI Follistim 900U cartridge. Sealed, properly stored. Expires 12/2019 $200. Left over med from IVF cycle. 414 688 6574 Rebecca
Apr13-Hockessin DE 5 unopened packages of Cetrotide .25mg. Expires 2/2019. Each package is sealed shut with tape, never been opened. Just looking for any reasonable offer. 1-302-528 3413 Amanda
Apr13-Dallas Texas I have one Gonal-F 900iu pen expires 4/18 $250, one cetrotide box expires 12/18 and three Ganirelix boxes ganirelix and cetrotide are interchangeable expires 4/19 $50 each, and two vials of menopur $20 each. Local pickup in Dallas preferred. Amber
Apr12-Anchorage AK I have 2 syringes of Ganirelix, 250mcg. Asking $40 each. Can send fed ex COD. 907-602-1191 Sylvia
Apr12-Sacramento California I will pick up in California. I need Cetrocide 0.25 pre filled syringe qty 9 Vivelle Dots 100 mng qty 8 Gonal F 900 pen qty 3 Menopur 75 IU qty 20 Omnitrope 5.8 mg qty 3 HCG 10,000 qty 1 please text 916 284 9133 Melina
Apr12-Reading PA $25 for lot of expired ivf meds: one 75iu menopur + one Sodium Chloride vial both exp 6/17 two Gonal F pens: 1 full 900iu + 1 partial with 300iu left both exp 9/16 one Follistim pen no cartridge one carrying case + eight 29g pen tips. PPL or local pickup 908 251 2670 pam
Apr12-Washington DC 5 boxes of menopur selling for $150 each. $750 total Expires September. Preferably meet in person but will ship if you pay shipping. Email me to discuss. 610-322-8358 Beth
Apr11-Sacramento CA I need Cetrocide 0.25 pre filled syringe qty 9 Vivelle Dots 100 mng qty 8 Gonal F 900 pen qty 3 Menopur 75 IU qty 20 Omnitrope 5.8 mg qty 3 HCG 10,000 qty 1 please text 916-284-9133 or email Melina
Apr11-Iselin Nj Cetrotide, unused and unopened from my cancelled cycle. 5 boxes of 0.25mg. $110 for each box 973 767 6877 Sudha Ravi
Apr11-Detroit Mi Looking for 1 Ganirelix asap. Willing to pickup local if needed. Please text. 989 482 7742 Crysta
Apr11-Soldotna AK IHA: crinone 8%, 2mg estradiol, progesterone in oil & needles 907 953 5605 Sammi
Apr11-Dallas Tx Looking for 4500 iu total of Follistim cheap. Will take expired meds. 469 554 2837 Brittany
Apr11-seattle wa Left over medicine from IVF cycle Crinone 15 crinone 8% gel applicators $70 Cetrotide 0.25mg $50 Minivelle 0.1mg $50 Vivelle dot 0.1mg $80 Endometrin 21 endometrin 100mg applicators $70 clomid/clomiphene 50mg 10 tablet $30. 781-820-4111 Vic
Apr11-Hudson County NJ NYC/North Jersey Hudson and Bergen County only. Selling unused meds. Have gonal f/ $400 each pen exp Some expire 5/19 or June/19, 24. I have 2 pregnyl $75 exp 12/18 & 6/19. Ganirelix 75 Exp 10/19 . 11/19. 3/20. Menopur $100 a box. Endometrin 201 725 8026 Millly
Apr11-Orlando FL 13 Vials of Menopur. Exp 07/2018. $400 for all 13 or $35 each. 407 461 4113 Kristen
Apr11-Rockville MD In search of clomid or letrozole. Any doses. Willing to pick up in DC MD or Northern Va. Text 301 802 9641 Candy
Apr11-Los Angeles CA 5 boxes of Endometrium $70 each box, expire 12/2018. 626 394 4596 Ellie
Apr11-Roanoke VA Leftover IVF meds. I have one vial of unmixed Omnitrope available. Expiration 5/2019 It has been kept in the refrigerator. Paid $409, asking $300 obo. FedEx COD or local pickup contact 540 520 9240 Danielle
Apr11-Oshkosh WI 4 boxes of Gonal F 450 IU, sealed and never opened exp 02/2019. Each box has 1 vial Gonal F multidose powder, 1 prefilled syringe of bacteriostatic water, USP and 6 x 27ga syringes. Also have some leftover endometrium to include free. $250 box obo, $800 for all 4. 920 349 6536 Elizabeth
Apr11-Denver CO 1 box of Cetrotide 0.25mg. Exp. date: 9/2017, but I think it still has potency. $35. 6 Minivelle Patches - all for $35. Exp. date: 7/2018 and 2/2019. Buyer pays shipping or local pickup. Kate
Apr10-Georgia Atlanta I have 1 follistim 600 iui available. $100 buyer pays shipping shipping should be around $20-$30 depending on where you are located. it will need to be overnighted with an ice pack. baby dust to you I hope you get you bfp as well 256-715-6375 Cassandra miller
Apr10-Charleston South Carolina I have follistim I am asking $150 shipping included its 600 iui expires 04/19 and I also have two boxes of endometrin I am wanting $120 for both boxes this stuff is left over I will take $250 for all 302-595-7050 Linda miller
Apr10-Atlanta GA Following a successful IVF treatment, I have 1x Gonal F 1050IU and 2x Menopur 1200IU all properly stored for sale. Want to help a couple in need, make your offer. 404-324-3955 Magdalena
Apr10-Maryland 900 UI fridge kept Follstim - 2019 or later expiration dates. 9 vials available. You pay shipping - overnight is usually $50 to $60 - but you can choose USPS Priority with ice packs that is only about $20. Cat
Apr10-Redondo Beach Unopened, 4 boxes of 75 IU Menopur-$600 exp:02/2019, 6 boxes of 250 mcg Ganirelix shots-$450 exp: 03/2020, 9 boxes of 600 IU Follistim-$1,800 exp: 12/2019 and 2 free Follistim Pens, Leuprolide Acetate 14mg/2.8-$150. Serious buyers, email only. 773 733-2849 Julita C
Apr10-Cambridge Massachusetts I have IVF leftover medicine: 2.5 boxes of Menopur 75 IU, 2 boxes of Gonal-F pen 900 IU sealed and stored in fridge, 2 boxes of Centride, 0.25 mg sealed and stored in fridge. All expire in Feb 2019. Cash only. Meet in person. 781 214 0077 Jennifer
Apr10-San Francisco CA 3 Menopur 75iu - $100 ea obo, 1 ganirelix 250mcg - $125 obo, About 500iu follistim - $350 total, 1 leupron 0.2ml - $125 total. Menopur and ganirelix prices highly negotiable especially Menopur make offers other products negotiable, too. Majority products have expiration date 2019 properly stored. 510-474-0940 Rick
Apr10-Oceanside CA I have 4 vials of menopur 75 IU plus the sodium chloride. $40 a vial. Expires Sept. 2018. I also have one box of cetrotide, refrigerated, expires Sept. 2019. $50. I can send pics of packaging, all brand new, unused. 760-717-0313 Tierra
Apr10-collegeville Pennsylvania I have 4 vials of menopur expire 10/18 15 bux each or take all 4 for $50, 1 cetrotide .25mg expire 2/2019 100 bux obo, and 21 endometrin expire 7/2018 for $100 obo, sell all for cheap text me 609 742 9269/email Darren

Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Apr9-Syracuse NY Looking for Gonal-f for an upcoming IUI cycle. Will pay for shipping. COD only. 315.416.6571 Rachel
Apr9-Philadelphia PA 2 - Genirelix Asitate Injecgtion 250 Mcg/0.5 mL - $60 Each 3 - Follistim AQ 600iu - $250 Each Always Kept refrigerated 1 - Luprolide 14 Day kit Lupron - $250 These are leftovers. I am close to i95 between Philadelphia and Wilmington DE. Can drive up-to 50 miles to meet up. 302 300 1585 Ravi
Apr9-Savannah Georgia Looking for Letrozole/Femara 15 pills or more. 912-272-7257 Des.
Apr8-Wausau Wi 3 boxes endometrin, Free exp 12/2018. Just pay shipping. 150 2.5 mg of letrozole tablets. $25 per 50 tablets. Exp 12/2018. 541 852 9584 Courtney
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Apr8-Naples Florida 3 refrigerated boxes of Cetrotide $450 for 3, refrigerated GonalF 900 UI kit $450, 2 boxes / 30 application of Crinone 250 for 2 boxes. Text Kristi 407-414-4154 or email Kristi
Apr8-Virginia Beach VA Left over Estradiol Transdermal patches 0.1mg/day, expire May 2019 and one at April 2019 i have a total of 28 patches. Asking 60 for all of them plus shipping. Please message for more information and pictures if you would like. Baby dust to you 858-822-9588 Reese
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The ebook is around 565 pages and they throw in lots of bonus ebooks. This link is from my website but you can get it from any other site, Your have a 60 day guarantee with it and can get a refund and keep the book in the first 60 days. I am confident you can reverse a lot of your health problems with this info. The link is sometimes blocked with the claim it is a malicious site but I can assure you it is quite legitimate and safe. Worked for me.

Apr8-Chicago IL 9 boxes of Endometrin vaginal inserts. Each box contains 21 inserts. $50 per box. Willing to break up boxes if you need less. Exp 09/18- Contents: 21 foil blisters, each contain 1 individually sealed 100 mg vaginal insert. Each insert contains 100mg progesterone. 312-834-4044 Erika
Apr8-Chicago IL Make an offer - Prochieve 8%, 26 applicators, exp 2/05 & 1/07, progesterone 200 mg vag insert, qty 23, exp 9/07; You pick shipper - either USPS or UPS. You pay actual shipping costs. Will combine shipping if you buy follistem or endometrin from other ads. Shelly
Apr8-Seattle WA Gonal F 450 IU vial that has 375 IU left. Also have syringes. Expires April 25 has been refrigerated & I can meet/deliver on ice. My cycle didnít work and it will expire and hate to have it all go to waste. Paid $350 for the vial 630 479 5259 Kandice
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Apr8-Silver Spring MD I have two boxs of Menopur Expiration March 2018 $200 per box and 2 Vials of Menopur $40 each and 4 Ganirelix not expired $50 each. Local pick up only text me at 240 447 0232 Zee
Apr5-Charlton MA IVF meds available, all in sealed packages and properly stored. 4 boxes of menopur 75iu $150/box exp oct18. 4 vials menopur $100 exp oct18. 2 boxes gonal-f 900iu $200/box exp march19. Ovidrel $100. E-mail or text willing to make package deal 508 272 9390 Danielle
Apr5-Allentown PA Progesterone sesame oil and syringes. $40. 484 633 6705 Anna
Apr5-Scarsdale NY 1 cetrotide expires Aug 2018 $75. 6 cetrotide expires Oct 2018 $75 each Follistim 900 two with pen. Exp nov 2019 $275 each box Jennifer
Apr5-Redondo Beach CA One Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg, exp July 2019. Endometrin 28 vaginal inserts 100mg, exp Dec 2019. Pickup preferred. Buyer pays shipping, FedEx COD only. Thanks 310 536 1694 Connie

Apr5-fairfax county VA pick up meds, Menopur 75iu exp may 2018 $200 a box, Ganirelix Acetate Injection 250mg $80 a boxes, Endometrin progesterone 100mg $80. Trigger shot 2 left exp 2019 got 4 box exp march 2017 Gonal f multi dose 450iui 703 994 2592 Phan
Apr4-Rochester NY Successful Ivf leftover meds. Expired 11/2017 Menopur 75 1 unopened box-can have 3 vials from an open box if wanted- $50. Leuprolide Lupron 14-day kits $200 2/2019. Happy to ship Fedex COD or meet locally. 320-292-3032 Rebecca
Apr4-dallas texas Follistim 900iu, 6 boxes, $300/boxe, follistim pen, menopur 6 box, 75 iu vial , 5 vial/box $150, crinone 5 boxes 8% 15 applicators /box $60, endometrium 100mg 21 insert/box $80. garnirelex 5 boxes $60/boxe, cetrotide 2boxes $60/box all med exp 2019. Anna
Apr4-Eastchester NY 5 Gonal F 900 IU pens - all expire Jan 2019 $275 each 1 cetrotide expires Aug 2018 $50 6 cetrotide expires Oct 2018 $50 each 5 Menopur Boxes of 5 single doses - Expire 10/2018 $125 each 1 Menopur Box with only 4 doses - expire 10/2018 $75. 845 797 1263 Jennifer
Apr3-Salt lake city Utah I have a ovidrel trigger shot stored properly pics upon request can verify I actually have product. I ended up oíing by myself this month and just missed af so Iím selling it so it does not go to waste I am only asking $40. 202-780-1878 Breanna jones
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Apr3-dallas texas Follistim 900iu , 6 boxes, $300/boxe, follistim pen, menopur 6 box, 75 iu vial , 5 vial/box $150, crinone 5 boxes 8% 15 applicators /box $60 , endometrium 100mg 21 insert/box $80. garnirelex 5 boxes $60/boxe, cetrotide 2boxes $60/box all med exp 2019. Anna
Apr3-New York NY New York City. Left over IVF medications. All properly stored. Ganirelix $75 each, Gonal-F $350 each, Menopur $200 a box. Text Ann at 609-664-1340
Apr3-New Rochelle NY I have some estradol tablet for $15 and estradol injection $30. Contact ph: 301 523 2372 Rina
Apr3-Downey CA I am looking for Gonal F, manipur and lupron kit. I am selling omnitrope. Please email me if you are selling or interested to buy at 626 316 2788 Lupe
Apr2-Las Vegas Nevada Several boxes of Follistim 900iui and ganerelix 250mcg. 350 follistim 70 for ganerlix. Willing to negotiate if bought all at the same time. I can meet locally or ship to you. They are all refrigerated and don expire till summer time. please email 702 475 5504 Maria
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Apr2-Houston TX ISO ovidrel or something similar, femara 2.5mg 15 pills, clomid 50mg 10 pills or 100mg 5 pills, provera 10 pills, & Follitrope/Follistim/GonalF 832 582-0161 Stacey
Apr2-New York NY 6 boxes of Cetrotide. Expired 12/17. $10 a box. NYC only. Text 562-533-8717 Orchid
Apr2-New York NY 4 vials Menopur exp 9/18 $35/ea, Follistim 900 exp 2/19 $500, Ganirelix exp 10/19 $70, 2 boxes Menopur 10 vials exp 1/18 $50/box, 3 vials Menopur exp 1/18 $10/ea. Meds from pharmacy, unused, properly stored. NYC only. Text 562-533-8717 Orchid
Cick for more on ... Synthetic Vs. Natural Vitamins By Dr. Ben Kim Here are some facts that you wonít find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store: ... The majority of commercial vitamin supplements are made up of synthetic vitamins ... Synthetic vitamins do not perform the same functions in your body as vitamins found naturally in whole food ... Many synthetic vitamins deplete your body of other nutrients and tax your kidneys before being excreted through your urine
Apr2-New York NY Menopur and Certrotide several unopened, new packages of each, expiration date 8/18 for all; please make a reasonable offer 310 404 8453 Geoff
Apr2-Grand Rapids Michigan 12-300IU Follistem cartridges, reusable pen/needles, 4 Cetrotide, 1Ganorelix, 1PIO, 1 Luprin. All unused, correctly stored, can send photos.I have all packing materials, willing to ship at your cost. You wonít get a better deal, please inquire for price. 616-835-7276 Jane
Apr2-San Jose CA 3 Menopur 75iu - $100 ea obo, 1 ganirelix 250mcg - $125 obo, About 500iu follistim - $350 total, 1 leupron 0.2ml - $125 total. Menopur and ganirelix prices highly negotiable especially Menopur make offers other products negotiable, too. Majority products have expiration date 2019 properly stored. 510-474-0940 Rick
Apr1-Staten Island New York Follitrope prefilled syringe 2 left -$45 each Hcg ivfc5000 same as ovidrel - 4 left $40 each Email: 347-330-5539 Afshan jamil
Apr1-deerfield beach Florida Omnitrope 5.8mg $230 plus shipping Generic lovenox $15 per box Ganirelix expires April 18 $15. 954 319 6492 Cristiane

Apr1- Tarrytown NY Leftover from a successful cycle. 3x follistim 900, properly stored, exp 08/18, at $250 each. 1x Crinone 8% exp 08/18, 15 inserts per box for $50. 2x Progesterone oil 10ml, $30 each. Local pickup or Fedex cod only. Baby dust to all! 617 407 9616 Adeline

Apr1-Charlotte and vicinity North Carolina Follistim 900 iu $250 menopur 75iu 5 per box $100. Properly stored. Local pickup preferred or will consider fedex cod if buyer covers shipping. 407 456 0667 Mark Moore
Apr1-Virginia Beach VA Left over fertility meds I currently have Estradiol patches I have 4 boxes of them asking $25 a box 858-822-9588 Reese
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