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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Jul31-Denver Colorado 1 box of Cetrotide 0.25mg $75. Local pickup or buyer pays shipping. Kate
Jul31-Nyc NY Left over fert. Meds: Follistim 2 900 iu, Menopour 75 iu 2 boxes & 4 vials, two week Leuprolide Acetate kit, 3 boxes of Estradiol patches 4 in each box. All properly stored and unexpired. Local only. 646 701 1236 Dani
Jul31-Brooklyn NY Leftover meds ivf Crinone Progesterone gel 8%/ exp 4/19 $200 for 1 box plus 2 extra applicators. Endometrin , I have 15 applications Exp 9/19 $65. 1 menopur w/qcap exp 10/18 $60 Progesterone injection exp 10/18 & 2/20 : Selling each bottle $15. 3 bottles Someone local in 917 776 0985 Fiona
Jul31-Los Angeles CA Properly stored unopened meds, Menopur $200/box, Gonal-f 450IU Vials $250/package, Endometrin Inserts $70/box, Estradiol 20mg/ml $70/vial. Some opened ones for free with purchase if needed. Negotiable. If interested, please text 626 538 5428 or email Thank you and good luck Allen
Jul31-Indianapolis Indiana In need of Clomid 50 or 100 mg. Also in need of Provera 10 mg and HCG trigger 10,000 iu as soon as possible. Willing to be pay fair price. 614 980 5285 Gabbi
Jul31-Kansas Kansas Successful cycle with identical twins from our only embryo.The following I have leftover discounted. Gonal f 450iu pens & 900iu pens , Ganirelex , Cetrotide, PIO, Estrace, Endometrin, Lupron trigger, Pregnyl trigger. Please text or call for easier reply. Buyer pays shipping. 747 224 5093 Marrisa
Jul30-Oakland CA Hello My Name is Angela i need some Letrozole to buy. 707 241 6508
Jul30-New York NY New, unopened Ovidrel HCG trigger. 250mcg/0.5ml = 5000 units. Has always been properly stored in the refrigerator. I initially purchased it along with my FSH meds upfront. I ended up needing a Lupron trigger instead. Exp April 2018. Local NYC pickup only. Asking $80 obo 562 533-8717
Jul30-San Diego CA Two unopened Gonal-F 450iu vials-$275, no refrigeration needed. 1 box 0.25 Cetrotide $25, properly refrigerated. Prefer local pick up but will ship at buyer's expense. Please email for faster response 619 339-8312 Julie
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Jul30-Cleveland Ohio Available: Follistim, 900 IU cartridges $300 each. Pen available. IVIG gammagard includes all supplies, $800 each. Cetrotide, $60 each. Cleocin; 3 ampules for $60. Estradiol patches 0.1mg $40 per pack of 5. All unexpired and properly stored. Email: Fed Ex COD only. Karen
Jul28-Charleston SC New meds from a successful cycle. All meds are properly stored and refrigerated. 7 Gonal f 900 iu $350 each, 3 Follistim $350 each, 1 Novarel HCG $100, 7 Cetrotide $60 each, 6 Menopur 75iu $250 a box, 3 Omnitrope $260 each vials. Text/ call for pictures 803-948-9436. Melissa
Jul28-Cleveland OH One unopened cartridge of Follistim 300 IU. $175 Expires June 2019. Can include pen if needed. One shot of Ganirelex $50 expires July 2019. Cheryl
Jul28-New York City New York Midtown, Leftover IVF med 1 sealed Follistim 900IU $240 Exp.11/2019; Fully sealed/unopened and refrigerated stored properly plus BD pen and needles. Local pickup preferred. Contact Nina 917 331 1255
Jul28-New York New York Unopened IVF Med: 6 Gonal-F 900iu $400 each; 6 boxes of Menopur $120/box; 6 Ganirelix $60 each 317 469 3989 Lynn
Jul27-Richland Washington Looking for Femara 2.5, 5, or 7.5 mg unexpired, unopened. 509 420 6792 Please text me. Nicole
Jul27-Lehigh Acres Florida Follistim 300IU properly stored and expires December 2018 . $150 Plus shipping per box . 832-779-0073 James

Jun19-New York NY Selling 2 boxes of Menopur - (5vials of 75 IU) for $200 and 4 vials of 75IU for $40 each, exp Aug 2017 Follistim pen $20. 646 764 0300 Heike

Jul27-Atlanta Georgia I have unused meds. PIO progestrone in oil Lupron 14 day kit Crinone 8% estradiol 1mg and estradiol 2mg prednisone 5mg prograf .5mg 470-205-9924 Unique
Jul27-Rogers MN I have leftover ivf stimulation medicine enough for a complete cycle. Folistm and menopur. Email for details. All were filled in May17 and expire 2018. Local pickup preferred. Email preferred. 612 897 2000 Mandy
Jul27-Irvine ca I have 3 boxes of centrocide and three boxes of menepur I did not end up needing, all unused and unopened and stored properly. If interested please email thanks. I tried to return them to the pharmaceutical since they were unused, but no returns. 310 774 0543 Betty
Jul27-Utah Utah Finally got my miracles after 13 years. All meds have photos for proof unexpired unopened & properly stored. Follistim 600iu w/pen Gonal f 300iu pens Cetrotide Menopur Ganirelex Pregnyl Lupron 2 week kit Endometrin Lovenox Estrace Ldn Prograf Clomid. Serious inquiries trying to prep for my triplets 831 217 7556 Donna
Jul27-Charlotte NC Selling IVF Stimulation Medication, unopened and well kept in refrigerator. Ovidrel pre-filled syringe 0.5ML asking $50. Centrotide pre-filled syringe .25 MG asking $50. Follistim AQ Cartiridge 900IU with Follistim pen $200. 440 821 4321 Michelle
Jul26-Charlotte North Carolina Unopened boxes of menopur, properly stored. Asking $125 a box. see pervious ad price have been dropped 704 963 8612 Hope
Jul26-La Puente California Leftover IVF/FET medication from successful FET of twins - 1 vial of progesterone injection oil 500mg/10ml. New and sealed, properly stored - I have the needles to go with it. $40 Please email if interested. 949 275 7478 Cassandra
Jul26-Pasadena CA Follistim 600IU $300 exp 8/19; 3 Follistim 300IU $150 each exp 4/18;2 Menopur vials $80 exp 3/18; 4 Estrace Estradiol 2mg 100 tabs $25 each exp 5/18; 2 Endometrin Progesterone 100mg 21/box- $80 per box exp 10/18; Properly refrigerated. Prefer local pickup. 323 813 8884 Nancy

May16-X2 Atlanta Georgia All for sale. Well packaged, succesful IVF dates.Gonalf-900iu pen 6 available $350 each exp 01/18, certrotide 0.25mg 6 $75 each exp 1/18. All refrigerated & packaged well. Injections & tips all included. OBO 404 939 5641 Krissy Mika

Jul26-Springfield VA cancel IVF, got leftover meds for sale. Got Gonal F, menopur, ganirelix. call 703 994 2592 Sok
Jul25-Lynchburg Virginia Looking to help someone in need. Gonal f 900 iu $250 7, Follistim 900iu $250 5, 6 Cetrotide $40, 6 Ganirelix $45, 2 hcg $70, 10 box Menopur $150. Call Jessica 434-214-8177
Jul25-Staten Island New York Left over medicine from IvF Cetrotide 0.5 mg 6 boxes unopened exp may 2018~3 unopened and sealed Gonal-F exp Jan2018. 3 unopened menopure 75 IU exp 2/2018 Crinone 8% exp:10/2019. Email me for more information Rachel
Jul25-Charlotte North Carolina 8 unopened boxes of menopur 75 iu. Have leftover from successful ivf. Expiration 4/2018 $275 per box including proper shipping. Have been properly stored. Looking to help a family in need 704 963 8612 Hope

Jul25-Torrance CA Gonal-F 300 IU Multidose Pens, 1 New + 1 Used with 275 IU remaining, Exp 5/18, $250. 2 Menopur 75IU unopened vials $30 each. All sealed and stored properly. Fedex COD or local. Sam 310-906-0048.
Jul25-Colorado Springs CO I have an unopened Follistim left over from this cycle. Its refrigerated and has an expiration date of 4/2019. I also have the pen and the needles which are included. $150. 719-220-0267 Melissa
Jul25-Madison WI Unused IVF meds from a cancelled cycle. Ordered using IvfMeds, an international pharmacy. 22 Fostimon 75IU, exp 02/19- $20 each; 11 Merional 75IU, exp 12/18- $25 each; 28 estradiol valerate 2mg tab, exp 07/20- $20. obo. Prefer pick up from WI/IL/MN area. 262-391-3311 Alyssa R.
Jul25-Fayetteville AR I have leftover meds from a successful embryo transplant available 3 vials of progesterone in oil 500 mg/10 mL, 52 individual 0.1 mg Minivelle patches the same as Vivelle and a complete two week Leuprolide Acetate kit Lupron. Jess 479-200-3955. Serious inquiries only please.

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Jul24-Lowell MA Leftover unopened IVF meds; Gonaleft Pen 900 IU refrigerated, exp 1/2019, paid $720 asking $400. 4 Menopur 75 mL kits, paid $81 each, asking $40 $120 for all. Willing to meet up in MA/NH area in person and hand over refrigerated meds in box or will ship 978-649-0523 Erin
Jul24-San diego CA Left over fertility meds from a successful cycle, Gonal F 300 IU 4 pens exp 1/18 for $150 each or best offer. All new/properly refrigerated. I truly want to help someone else experience success. Text or email Elizabeth. 770-317-4079
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Jul24-Melissa Victoria Australia Please be careful purchasing from a Tammy Harris and Miichael Malone. I recently paid through moneygram for medical items I paid $610 Aus And now they have not replied to any emails looks like I was scammed So I'm out of pocket and I can get my menopur hcg ph: 3810 Cassandra Ed note: Hearthreaking... Again USE FEDEX COD.
Jul24-Downers Grove Illinois Follistim 300 IU, pen not included. $160 cash. Have about 10 boxes worth. Meet in Downers Grove, IL area. 630 891 0555 Sherry
Jul24-San Francisco CA Left over meds from successful cycle; Gonal f 300 IU 2 pens exp 5/18 for $300 and Cetrotide 0.25 4 pks exp 8/18 for $200; All new/refrigerated; prefer local pick-up but can ship FedEx COD buyer pays shipping. Text 415-515-9489 Laura

Jun19-Princeton NJ All stored appropriately, expiring in 2018+. Cetrotide 0.25mg #9 $50 each, Follistim 300IU #3 $75 each, Menopur 375IU #4 $100 per box, Vivelle patch #6 $20 each, Endometrium supp #3 $50 each, PG in oil #4 $15 each. 832 797 6990 Dolly Daniele

Jul24-San Francisco CA IVF meds for sale. 1 ganirelix, 7 Luveris, and Clexane. Make an offer. 415 400 6588 Justine
Jul23-Nashville TN Left over Gonal F pens from successful IVF cycle one pen contains 600 iu asking $200. another pen contains 900 iu never been opened asking $300. I paid over $1,000 for both stored properly both expire April 2018 willing to meet in Nashville area 615 926 8801 Ashley Smiley
Jul23-Los Angeles CA Follistim AQ 300IU 1 vial $170 expires Dec 2019. Well Kept and Refrigerated the entire time. Follistim Pen: $30. All Purchased Jun 2017. Prefer in person pickup or FedEx Secure COD. SMS preferred. 323.886.2001 Igor Mack
Jul23-New York City NY I have left over Menopur 75 iu & Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg from my last IVF cycle. Sealed & properly stored. Free needle and syringe - 6 vials of Menopur 75 iu expires Feb. 2018 $45 per vial or $240 for all 6 vials. - 1 box Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg expires March 917-324-5861 Winnie

Jul23-Somerville NJ Leftover IVF meds - all properly stored. Follistim 900iu $175 each (5 total); Ganirelix 250mcg $50 each (6 total); Novarel 10000 $55; progesterone in sesame oil $50. Text or email for more information or to purchase. Need to sell asap. Buy the whole lot for $1050. 908-323-4401 Eva

Jul23-League City Texas After a successful round of fertility. I have new in the box temperature stored meds for sale. I have 5 of the Gonal-FRFF 900iu Redi ject Exp Oct/2018 $400 each. Also, I have 6 boxes of Cetrotide .25mg Exp Oct/2018 $60 each. FedEx Cod shipping only. 931-446-3343 Clint Gillam
Jul23-Maryland Maryland Have boxes of Gonal-F 900 IU for sale along with several boxes of Menopur. Everything stored properly an unexpired. Jayl
Jul23-Georgia All properly stored & unexpired from a successful cycle. Photos upon request buyer pays shipping. Gonal f 300iu pens, Menopur 75iu , Endometrin vaginal inserts, Crinone inserts, Follistim 600iu cartridge, Pregnyl, Lupron, Needles & Syringes, Ganirelex. Call or text 502 219 4457 Joa
Jul23-New York NY 1 Gonal F 900iu exp Jan 18 $400. 2 Cetrotide .25mg exp Jan 18 $80. 2 Vile of Menapur free with purchase of all above Left over IVF cycle Available asap text 917 538 0777 or email Kathy

Jul21-Charles Town WV New, unopened package of Gonal-F , 450 IU. Ordered more than needed. Includes 6 administrative syringes with fixed needle. Expires Oct 2018. Sealed and stored properly. $260. 571-528-2993 Kita

Jul21-Panama city beach Florida I have unopened/never used lupron 850-764-0718 Mrs.Alan
Jul21-Edison NJ Gonal F 900UI valid till November 2017 - $350 - 1pen Ovidrel 250 valid till November 2017 - $100 - 1pen 860 656 5468 Dexter
Jul21-Detroit Michigan 4-Gonal F 900IU pens $250 each or $900 for all four 3-pregnyl $90 each or $250 for all three all stored properly and unexpired can provide pictures upon request please text if interested 313 395 4824 Marilyn
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Jul21-Athens GA Leftover meds from changing protocol. Stored properly and refrigerated 6 gonal multidose 1050 iu $350, 7 menopur boxes $250, 6 Cetrotide $60, Novarel $100, 2 Omnitrope 5.8mg, 6 Follistim 300 iu $200. No scammers please Contact Lori 470-310-5967.

elvis Jun21-Irvine CA (50) Lovenox (Enoxaparin) 40mg syringes exp 03/19: $50 for 10 or $200 for all 50 (14 are 30mg syringes exp 06/18) 949 413 5027 Lynne

Jul21-Indianapolis Indiana I have 2- 10,000 iu dose vials of HCG trigger. $125 a piece + S&H. 785-456-5345. Can ship today overnight in refrigerated packaging. Txt before calling. Chelsea Smith
Jul21-New York New York Be aware all sellers of Angela Berger, PO Box 3,820 7th street, Kamiah, Idaho, 83536, phone: 208 816 0128. She's trying to scam people. Sent a package to her COD. She never picked up the package and become very rude when asked why by insulting you 514 297 0566 Chris
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Jul20-Colts Neck New Jersey GonalF 900 IU 9 sealed with pen $300 per box exp. 8/18, Ganirelix 250mcg 8 sealed boxes expire 5/2019 $50 per box, Endometrin 100mg 3sealed boxes contain 21 inserts per box $60 per box 917-583-2262 michelle
Jul20- Michigan Successful cycle looking to help someone who is 100% out of pocket like myself. Leftovers are properly stored & unexpired.Please text for easier reply. Follistim 600iu Gonalf 900iu Menopur Endometrin Lupron Pregnyly Estrace. Text for faster reply 720 686 1420 Kim

Jun20-Dallas TX I'm selling my unopened meds, well kept in fridge. Expire Sept-Aug 2017. Have 1 box GONALF 900 IU $350 and 1 box CETROTIDE 0.25mg 7 units $300 OBO. Local sales preferred, or FEDEX COD. Call, text or email 817 889 3477, DANIELE

Jul20-Port Richey FL 2 vials menopur $25 each, 30 estrace 2mg pills & 4 estrogen patches 1mg $20 all 312 909 2402 Marie
Jul20-Florida If you contacted old # please contact new# Successful 3rd cycle, leftover meds looking to help a family in need discounted: Gonal f 300 iu pens 4 Follistim 600 iu 1 /900 iu 1 cartridgew/pen Menopur 75 iu 3 bxs Pregnyl 2 Ganirelex 6 Endometrin 6 boxes Cleocin 1 box Lupron 626 466-9868 Jessie
Jul20-Fishkill NY Unexpired and expired 100% refrigerated. Follitropin Follistem, Gonal-F $100/$400. 450iu Jan17x1 May17x2 Aug17x2, 300iu Aug17x1, 600iu. Apr19x2. Choriogonadotropin Ovidrel 250ug Mar17 x3 $100 ea. Do ur research bout expired fert meds. good for up to a year from expiration. 309 323 0065 Heather
Jul20-Dallas TX Looking for Omnitrope 5.8mg vials for IVF cycle. Please call or email me. 972-740-9443 Nika
Jul20-Philadelphia Pennsylvania I have 1 box of gonal-f, multi-dose 450iu, and 2 boxes of menopur 75iu, all unopened, $250, a piece, price is negotiable, would like to recoup some of my losses, email me at 215 917 0031 Janelle
Jul31-Hi Doug. I just wanted to update ladies on the situation that I posted last week regarding Her actual name is Tammy Hunter and she also uses another email address Tori She and her husband Steve have more than a dozen mailing addresses in Colorado! The address I shipped to was on N. County RD 31 in Berthoud Colorado. She has a couple of current posts on this sight from Loveland CO. The number she is posting is 970-581-5899 but thats not her number. I was able to locate her on a facebook search Tammy Hunter Loveland Co. and have pictures and more information to share if anyone wants details. She has also scammed Many people on and I am sure I am not the first person she has given a fake ā€œ company checkā€ to by COD on this site. LADIES BEWARE and good luck! Davittia Hinssen 513 917-8765
Jul26-Hi Doug. I just wanted to warn ladies out there about from Colorado. I recently had a FedEx COD transaction with her where she wanted to pay with a company check upon delivery. When I received the check I was immediately suspicious because the company was in Florida. Took it to my bank and had them check it out... I got burned with a $1050.00 fake check. I feel so stupid to have trusted a stranger. Makes me sad for this world. Davittia Hinssen 5848 N. Turtle Creek Drive Fairfield, Ohio 45014. 513 917-8765
Hi Doug, I know I had mentioned that a woman tried to rip me off when selling my meds. It turns out she's been doing this a lot. She has several aliases, and a US arrest record. She keeps changing email addresses and names. I would hate for this woman to spoil everything for the rest of us, and the amazing service you provide. Her name is: Diana Platon Diana Jacqueline Perdomo Diana Jacqueline Platon Diana J Platon Diane Perdomo Diane Platon Diane Jacqueline Platon Diane J Perdomo Diane J Platon Dianne Platon Jacqueline Perdomo This is Diane Platon: Here is the discussion on Topix: I know there is probably nothing you can do, but I thought if maybe it was posted on your website to watch out for that woman it would make for a better experience. She seems to have moved from scamming on Topix to scamming on your website. Happy to provide more information or a statement for your website. Best, Susan
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