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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Sep8-Cupertino CA Unopened 3 Cetrotide 0.25mg $100 total. 2 Unopened Menopur 75iu $100. 5 Unopened boxes of ten 40mg Enoxaparin sodium injections the same as lovenox - $200 each. Local pickup only. If interested, pls txt 408-826-1645 Sabrina. Lan-Chih
Sep8-Atlanta Georgia Ga and southeast, unused 2 boxes of gonal 450 left over after successful IVF For sale $250 each, will be willing to drive for meet/exchange in person. 770 309 0760 Jill
Sep8-Chicago Illinois Unopened refrigerated and properly stored at all times leftover IFV meds Gonal F 900 iu $325 each, 2 available Can meet in northwest Indiana, Chicago, or near Rush university in Chicago 219 306 5015 Kat

Jul23-Somerville NJ Leftover IVF meds - all properly stored. Follistim 900iu $175 each (5 total); Ganirelix 250mcg $50 each (6 total); Novarel 10000 $55; progesterone in sesame oil $50. Text or email for more information or to purchase. Need to sell asap. Buy the whole lot for $1050. 908-323-4401 Eva

Sep8-Torrance CA Gonal-F 300 IU Multidose Pens, 1 New + 1 Used with 275IU remaining, Exp 5/18, $225. Referigerated and stored properly. Fedex or local. Sam 310-906-0048.
Sep8-Belmar NJ In Search of Clomid or Femera / Letrozole Asap. Please text Erika 908 616 8877. Thank you Erika
Sep8-Pasadena California Lupron 2 refills as used one already the rest 2 must be used within 14 days selling for $40 please text 909 455-2291 Nicky
Sep8-Atlanta Ga Gonal 450 2 boxes for sale GA just purchased exp aug 2018 678 274 8050 Les

Jul21-Charles Town WV New, unopened package of Gonal-F , 450 IU. Ordered more than needed. Includes 6 administrative syringes with fixed needle. Expires Oct 2018. Sealed and stored properly. $260. 571-528-2993 Kita

Sep7-Los Angeles CA Looking for Ganirelix 2 to 3 boxes prefilled syringes 250 mcg / .5ml. You can reach me 626 664 6533 Will pickup locally. Sal
Sep6-Colorado springs Colorado I have 8 unopened boxes of gonal-f 450 pens. Expiration aug 2018. I no longer need. Price at pharmacy is around 400 a pen, I am asking 100 each. Would prefer a local sell. Willing to meet up to 100 miles away. These have been kept in fridge. 719 244 5620 Beca
Sep6-Wausau WI i have gonal f, menapur and follistum. Please email for details. all stored correctly. 715 470 0555 Cortney
Sep6-Bay County Florida Follistim 900 IU $250 if you buy 4 boxes. $300 if you buy 3 or less. It has always been refrigerated. Expires 4/18. Leftover from several cycles 6 boxes. Buyer pays Fedex COD shipping or local pickup. Serious email inquiries only. 167 893 6152 Ella

Sep5-Chicagoland Illinois All properly stored/refrigerated. 2 Follistim 300 $150 each, 2 Follistim 900 $350 each, 1 Cetrotide $75, 2 Ganarelix $75 each, 6 boxes Menopur $175 each, 3 loose bottles of Menopur $25 each, 3 boxes Endometrium $60 each. Local Pickup or buyer pays shipping. Erica
Sep5-Denver CO I have some extra unopened fertility meds I'd like to sell. 1 box Menopur 5 single dose vials and 1 prefilled syringe Ganirelix, 250 mg. 5 syringes of lovenox. I paid $83 per vial of menopur, $115 for Ganirelix and $25 each for Lovenox. Will sell for 40% off. 970 390 2397 Robin
Sep5-Greeley Colorado I have 8 cabergoline 0.5mg and Lupron Trigger 2 dose. I just received last week. Pm me if interested. 720 280 9797 Cassi
Sep5-bronx New York 2 cetrotide 3 follostim for sell. Will meet you if you are on ny. All out of towners must pay PayPal. Follostim price $250 each.cetrotide is $60 per. 914 689 6744 Naya
Sep5-Gautier MS Leftover refrigerated meds-successful ivf. Gonal F 900-new, expires 4/18, $300. Cetrotide-new, exp 12/17, $30. Gonal F 900 100 iu used, 800 left, exp 7/18-$60. Will discount if you buy all. Will meet or buyer is responsible for overnight shipping. Email only please. 228 818 4757 Marie
Sep5-Atlanta GA 42 crinone applicators expiring october 2019 for sale. contact me at 229-881-0871 or Mimi
Sep5-Irvine CA 2 New Unopened Boxes of Gonal F multi dose 450 iui, expired Oct 2017. I paid out of pocket, feel free to give any offer. Can do local pick up. Sophia
Sep4-DC Two unopened Leuprolide Acetate Injection 14mg/2.8mL 14 day kits. Exp. 9/1/17 & 10/22/17 $150 each. Ganirelix Injection 250 mcg/.5mL Exp. 10/17 $75. Buyer pays shipping. Local pick up DC/Maryland area or FedExCOD. Email Good luck on your cycle. 410 823 0748
Sep4-Atlnata GA Need Menopur Gonal F 404-610-1736 Veronika
Sep3-Manhattan New York Successful IVF cycle, 1 sealed Gonal-F RFF Redi-Ject Pen 900 IU Exp 4/18 $300, 1 Menopur 75 IU vial Exp 2/18 $50 and 1 sealed Ganirelix Acetate 250 MCG Exp 3/19 $100, properly stored, can meet in Manhattan, Kate 347-380-6233

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Sep3-Vienna VA 7 Boxes of Follistim 900 IU AQ Cartridges Expire 11/19. 2 Boxes of Menopur 75 IS 5 vials each Expire 5/18. Make an offer, can meet local if needed. Will sell in any quantity but would prefer one sale. Properly handled and stored. No scams. Chris Smith
Sep3-Syracuse NY Available: Gonal pen- opened, 225U left; Estradiol 2mg tablets; Progesterone in oil- 2 boxes unopened; Menopur- 4 vials; Endometrin- 1 box unopened; Lupron kit- opened, 1 dose used. Exp 12/17. Email only. Emily
Sep3-Las Vegas Nevada Looking for Gonal F rff 900iu or Follistim 900iu with pen. 702-375-8601 Flower
Video:mercola-blaylockThe Disappearing Male

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Traditional Chinese Medicine May Effectively Promote Fertility

Sep3-UK England bundle Gonall F pen 900iu, Ovidrel Pen, 45 400mg progesterone suppositories $300 1 single Gonal F pen 900iu $150 Shipping is from the U.K. I have shipped medical to the US before with no problem +4 4751 141 6701 Hamilton
Sep3-San Francisco CA Hi! I have an extra 1200 IU of FollistimAQ 4 boxes of 300 IU each. Exp date is Dec 2019. Cost was $288/box, I'll sell for $200/box obo. Drugs have been in the fridge the entire time, I'll meet you with a cooler. Liz
Sep3-New York New York unused unopened fertility meds, one 900 Gonal F injection pen, two Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg injections $450 GonalF pen alone retails for over $1k 646 385 6605 Kay
Sep3-Chicago IL Unopened refrigerated all times leftover IFV meds. Ganirelix 250 mpg 1 exp 7/19 $50; Follistim 900 units 2 exp 12/19 $400 ea - 1 pen set; Menopur 75IU vials 2 w/ needles & solution $40ea; Crinone 8% 19 applicators exp 10/1 $100; Buyer pays shipping. text or email only 630 675 7679 Jen
Sep3-Los Angeles California Left over IVF meds. Menopur 6 boxes containing five 75 iu vials @ $225 each obo. exp 3/18. Gonal F 450 iu multidose vials exp 10/17 $325 obo. 310 927 7949 Jennifer
Sep1-Xenia Ohio I have 8 packs of Clomid which are 100mg packs. Each pack contains 5 pills. 3 packs expire 3/19 & 5 packs expire 12/19. $60 per pack and shipping is $7. Tracking is provided. 937 296 6490 Michelle Charles
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Dr. Leonard Horowitz's Video:Dr. Leonard Horowitz Swine Flu Pandemic, 2009: Anglo-American Genocide Part 1 (2 - 10 min parts. YouTube Video)

Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Miscarriage Stories From Pregnant Women
Tell Your Doctors That Vaccines And Pregnancy Do Not Mix

What to do If You Are Forced to Take Swine Flu Shot
and Russel Blaylock Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Russell Blaylock on the facts about the seasonal flu vaccine, and sets the record straight about the true "dangers" of the swine flu.
(part 1 of 4)

Video:Incovenient Truth Gardasil & Swine Flu, Inconvenient Truth (Barbara Loe Fisher 08-24-09)

Video:drs speak out Doctors speak out about H1N1 VACCINE DANGERS

Video:Dr ChprayExpert Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception and the Swine Flu Hoax

Rense Deagle Ott interviev Jeff Rense Interviews Dr. Bill Deagle & Dr. True Ott: Swine/Bird Flu. April 24th 2009

Dr. True Ott: Startling New Evidence That The 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made

Video:Fisher Dr Mercola & Barbara Loe Fisher : The Smear Campaign They Used to Try to Shut Us Up This respected organization wrote a letter to CBS, pressuring them to take this message down, which was leaked to bloggers who started a smear campaign. Can you really trust conventional health education when they are so desperate to hide this?

Dr Mercola: Warning: Swine Flu Shot Linked to Killer Nerve Disease

This article contains information regarding the inefficacy of vaccination and readers can view numerous graphs clearing showing that vaccination is a completely fraudulent excuse to pump dangerous and indeed deadly chemical compounds into your children to ensure ill health, life long sickness and premature death.

Video:vaccines Triplets Regress into Autism ALL ON THE SAME DAY

Sep1-Dallas Texas: From August 2017 cycle: Sealed Gonal-F, 900 IU pin, refrigerated properly, exp. January 2019: $350. Unopened Menopur box 5 vials Menopur + 5 vials Sodium Chloride + 5 Q-Cap adaptors, exp. June 2018: $150. Local delivery only. Email: 972 302-9744 Leslie
Sep1-Knoxville TN Leftover endometrium 100 mg inserts available. $60 per box of 21 inserts. UPS COD. Quick response. 4 boxes available. nan
The Big Diabetes Lie

Sep1-champaign illinois 2- 600iu follistim + brand new pen and needles unused -in box all properly stored $600 Pre filled Ovidrel syringe $80 sealed-properly stored. Vaginal progesterone -around 20 capsules enough for a tww $30. 90 500mg ext.release metformin $75 ship to US only buyer pays ship. Therowdyrogersttc@gmail 217 493 6464 rowdy
Sep1-Chicago Illinois 2 brand new boxes of Gonal f 900 expire October 2017. switched meds and will not need this month as planned $325 each Can meet near Rush University or in northwest Indiana 219 306 5015 Kat
Jul31-Hi Doug. I just wanted to update ladies on the situation that I posted last week regarding Her actual name is Tammy Hunter and she also uses another email address Tori She and her husband Steve have more than a dozen mailing addresses in Colorado! The address I shipped to was on N. County RD 31 in Berthoud Colorado. She has a couple of current posts on this sight from Loveland CO. The number she is posting is 970-581-5899 but thats not her number. I was able to locate her on a facebook search Tammy Hunter Loveland Co. and have pictures and more information to share if anyone wants details. She has also scammed Many people on and I am sure I am not the first person she has given a fake ā€œ company checkā€ to by COD on this site. LADIES BEWARE and good luck! Davittia Hinssen 513 917-8765
Jul26-Hi Doug. I just wanted to warn ladies out there about from Colorado. I recently had a FedEx COD transaction with her where she wanted to pay with a company check upon delivery. When I received the check I was immediately suspicious because the company was in Florida. Took it to my bank and had them check it out... I got burned with a $1050.00 fake check. I feel so stupid to have trusted a stranger. Makes me sad for this world. Davittia Hinssen 5848 N. Turtle Creek Drive Fairfield, Ohio 45014. 513 917-8765
Hi Doug, I know I had mentioned that a woman tried to rip me off when selling my meds. It turns out she's been doing this a lot. She has several aliases, and a US arrest record. She keeps changing email addresses and names. I would hate for this woman to spoil everything for the rest of us, and the amazing service you provide. Her name is: Diana Platon Diana Jacqueline Perdomo Diana Jacqueline Platon Diana J Platon Diane Perdomo Diane Platon Diane Jacqueline Platon Diane J Perdomo Diane J Platon Dianne Platon Jacqueline Perdomo This is Diane Platon: Here is the discussion on Topix: I know there is probably nothing you can do, but I thought if maybe it was posted on your website to watch out for that woman it would make for a better experience. She seems to have moved from scamming on Topix to scamming on your website. Happy to provide more information or a statement for your website. Best, Susan
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