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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Jun9-Bridgewater NJ Ganirelix 250mcg 3 total expires 11/2019 all brand new sealed all three for $180 with shipping. Email for more details. 908-242-3343 Becky
Jun9-Tulsa Oklahoma I am selling some meds after a successful IVF cycle. I have 2 Follistim 600 IU vials and the pen/needles. All brand new in sealed boxes, need to get rid of asap. None of them expire until September 2017. If interested, please contact me 918-408-9944 Sara
Jun9-Phoenix AZ IVF meds: 1 box of unopened Menopur $200. 1 Box of Gonal F 900u $400. 2 boxes of Ganirelix $75 each. obo. All stored properly and not expired. Prefer local pickup, but would consider Fedex COD. Text Jill 630-901-2567 or email
Jun9-Torrance CA Gonal-F 300 IU Multidose Pen, Exp 5/18, $250. Menopur 75IU unopened boxes, 2 vials left in box, Exp 7/18, $80/box. Progesterone 500mg/10mL, Exp 10/19, $60. All sealed and stored properly. Fedex COD or local. Sam 310-906-0048.
Jun9-Detroit Michigan Taking a break from TTC looking to sell 4 follistim 300iu, 1 follistim 900iu, pregnyl and menopur. Please text if interested. 313 395-5108 Ashley
Testimonial : Hi Doug Your website is fantastic. We have given away everything so you can take our ad down at your convenience. Thank you so much. Yours site is fantastic and the paid ad we placed worked perfectly. Money well spent. Thanks again, sold my items in less than 24 hours Robin St Martin President Iron Horse Security Telephone: 613 228-2813 Facsimile: 613 228-9812
Jun9-Brooklyn New York Crinone Progesterone gel 8%/ exp 4/19 Extra medication and one box is $400. or more. Selling it for $300 for one box plus 2 extra applicators. Looking for someone local in Brooklyn /Manhattan 917-776-0985 Fiona
Jun8-Tallahasee Florida Follistim 900 UI exp. 4/2018 have 6. Leuprolide 14mg/2.8 exp.8/2017, Ganirelix 250/0.5. Stored properly. Accepting reasonable offers, please email me 404 462 6521 Alex
Jun8-Houston TX 5 unopened bottles of Progesterone in oil, 1 ovidrel trigger shot 716 864 4606 Kerry
Jun8-Tampa FL 5 Ganirelix pre-filled syringes 3-exp 9/17, 1-exp 6/18, 1-exp 4/19 all unused and properly stored. Doctor changed my protocol $75 each, buyer pays shipping. 219-688-1867 Terry
Jun8-San Francisco California 6 boxes of Follistim 300 IU with pen expires 4/18 for $600. Unused, unopened, properly refrigerated. Leftover from cancel cycle, since got spontaneously pregnant after buying meds. Can pickup locally or ship with ice packs buyer pays shipping - please mention your location if you need shipping. 628-400-2241 Amy
Jun7-Acworth GA 1 Follistim 900 cartridge and pen 200 plus ship, 5 pack Menopur with q-caps 100 plus ship, 10 pack European Menopur glass vials 175 plus ship, 3 Canadian Ganirelix 25 each plus ship. Please email me if you are interested. 603-801-8145 Noey
Jun7-University Place WA Selling leftover IVF meds. 2 unopened boxes of Gonal-F 900iu redi-ject pens exp 1/2018 asking $375 per box. 2 unopened boxes of Cetrotide 0.25mg exp 6/2018 asking $60 per box. 3 unopened vials of 75iu Menopur with saline solution exp 12/2017 asking $90. 206 519 0781 Ebony
Jun7-New Orleans LA Four boxes of Ganirelix, 250mcg/0.5mL, exp May 2019, boxes are unopened. I paid $511, will sell for $350. 503-304-4121 Stacy M
Jun7-London OH I have 6 rounds of 100mg Clomid for sale at $60 per cycle. PayPal preferred. Exp. 09/2019 We are switching to Femara and I no longer need this, but could use the funds to help for the other things we need. 614 717 5333 Shay
Jun6-West Plains MO Clomid: 5 @ 100mgs Serophene and 5 @ 25mgs Fertomid. I am currently pregnant with twins, and no longer need. $70 for both including shipping within the US. 417 372 7236 Jenn

Jun6-Washington DC Gonol F 900 iu -$300. 4 boxes Endometrin 100mg 21 suppositories - $100 each. Progesterone in Oil 500mg/10ml - $100. All expire in 2018 and properly stored. Photos available. Thanks. 703 831 2238 Bee

Jun6-Enid Ok Please help I need an HCG trigger shot asap. Please email me if you have one available. Thank you in advance. 580 747 0362 Angela
Jun6-Charlotte NC Leftover meds from successful cycle. 6 boxes Cetrotide, exp. from 8/2017 to 1/2018, $60 each. 1 vial Omnitrope, exp. 8/2017, $200. All sealed, properly stored in fridge. 3 boxes Estradiol 0.1mg/day transdermal patches 8 patches/box, exp. 8/2018, $55 each. Local sales preferred. 303 396 3937 Pamela
Jun6-New York City New York Leftover IVF meds - Menopur 8 vials $200 Exp 5/2018; Follistim 900IU $350 Exp. 11/2019; Ganirelix 250 1 $70 Exp. 7/2019. All meds are unopened and stored properly. Local pickup preferred@NYC Contact Nina - 917 331 1255
Jun6-Blackwood NJ Please Looking for Femara/Letrozole. 215-284-8928 Thank you 215 284 8928 Emily
Jun6-Wichita Falls Texas Lovenox/ Enoxaparin 2 month supply 40mg day $1000. 940 704 6215 Tiffany
Jun6-Arcadia Ca Left over IVF Meds Crinone 8% 15 applicators exp 7/2017 and 11/2017. All for $25 email to arrange sale. Properly stored and still in box. 626-758-7879 Peggie
Jun6-Fairfax Virgnia 1 Crinone 8 % box, exp 09/17 for $65. 1 unopened box Menopur 75 IU INJ 5 vials, exp 08/17, $200/box, 2 other extra vials $40/ vial. 1 Ganirelix, exp 07/2018, $45. Moe 571-402-5586. prefer local pick up DC/MD/VA but willing to ship.
Jun5-Bristol CT Leftover meds from successful cycle. 3 boxes 5 vials each menopur, $100/box. Hcg trigger shot, $50. Follistim 225iu left from a 900 cartridge, $100. Follistim pen available if needed. Email only please 860 584 1742 Judy
Jun5-pd Seattle WA Successful IVF, leftover meds, 2 Boxes Cetrotide .25 $75 each. GonalF Rediject 300 IU $200. 4 vials Menopur 75 iu $75. Endometrin 26 inserts $175. All not expired and properly stored. Will take best offer. FED EX COD only. 425-785-7855 Bryan
Jun5-Houston TX Menopur 75 IU 1 unopened box expiration 12/17 Call or email 281-766-8338 Billy
Jun5-ST. Paul MN leftover IVF medicine for sale. Three boxes of Folistim, properly refrigerated exp. 2018 $250 per box. two boxes of menupor total 10 75iu, exp. 2019 $200 per box. local buyer preferred. Email me at Price negotiable. email preferred 612 584 6588 Cindy
Jun5-Milford PA Looking for Clomid 50mg. Please email Thank you 210 710 4656 Amber
Jun5-Fairfax VA I have Gonal F 450 IU multi-dose vials and Menopur. All brand new in sealed boxes, need to get rid of asap. None of them expire until December 2017 at the earliest, and most are 2018. I am only interested in local pick-ups. I will not ship meds. 703-407-6486 Tina

Jun5-Prescott AZ Ovidrel 250 exp. 10/17 $60; 74 Estradiol 2mg tabs $15/10 or all for $95; 2 Ganirelix exp 9/18 $55/each; Progesterone 10% cream 30gm exp 8/17 $25; 15 generic Lovenox exp 12/17 $40. Buyer pays shipping. EMail 928 772 1059 Karen

Jun5-San Francisco CA IVF leftover- all sealed, unopened and properly stored. Menopur 75IU 6 vials exp. 11/2017; $30 each or $150 for all. 4 Gonal-F 300IU exp 11/2018 $100 each or $350 for all. 2 Ganirelix exp 7/2018 40 each. everything for $500. Local pickup only. Ted
Jun5-Orange CA I have one box of ganirelix $60 local pick up or shipping. Shipping fee will be $10 thanks Expired date: 09/17 +1 949 554-5833 Phuong

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Jun5-Naperville IL Looking to sell properly stored IVF meds, Menopur 75 IU x 3 boxes- $150 a piece. Lovenox 10 syringes per box 3 boxes- $150 a piece. Ceptotide 5 boxes refrigetrated 200$ per box. HCG trigger 10,000 units- 100$. local preferred. will consider shipping. 630-649-3746 Mike
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Jun5-Eden prairie Minnesota I have leftover ivf meds from successful retrieval. 3 boxes of follistm 600iu unopened. All three expire July 2018. I also have two boxes of menopur 10 75iu, follistm pen and two prefilled 250 mcg syringe of ganirelix I want $1500 for all. email prefer email 612 453 5670 Mary
Jun5-Fairfax VA Interested in selling an unopened box of Menopur 75 IUI 5 vials. The medication will expire in July. Please contact me if you're interested. Looking for local buyers or buyer has to pay for shipping. 703 831 3573 Jay
Jun5-Muskegon Michigan IHA: 3 cetrotide 2 Gonal f 300 iu pens and 1 900 iu pen 900 is expired but still good. package deal Progof 231 571 6125 Amy
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Jun2-Naperville Illinois Looking to sell unused, stored carefully, Menopur 75 IU x 4 boxes- $200 a piece. Lovenox syringes 40 mg/0.4 ml syringes 10 per box 3 boxes- $150 a piece. Cetrotide 0.25 mg syringes properly refrigerated x 5- $150 a piece. HCG 10,000 trigger- $150 Local preferred. 630-649-3746 Mike
Jun2-Chester Springs PA 3 unopened refrig Gonal-F Redi-ject boxes 900IU exp: 4/18 $450 ea. 7 unopened Menopur 75IU boxes 5 per box exp: 09/17 $65/ea - 6 unopened Ganirelix boxes 250mcg exp: 08/18 $75 ea Contact Danielle text 6467450282. COD FEDEX/UPS in cooler.
Jun2-New York New York I have just finished and egg freezing cycle 6/2017 and I am looking to recoup some of the cost. I have 3 vials of Menopure exp 5/2018, 2 boxes of refrigerated Cetrotide .25mcg exp 10/2018 and 450 IU of Follistism. Please contact me if interested. 732 580 3426 Lauren
Jun2-Glenview IL Leftover IVF meds for sale: 1 ganirelex 250 mcg prefilled syringe exp 4/2019, $50; progesterone in oil 50mg/ml, 10ml vial; I have 5 vials one expires 9/2017, two 10/2017, one 5/2018, one 10/2018, $50 each. Prefer local pick-up but will consider shipping. 573 881 8541 Nikki

Apr21-Pearland Texas Leftover from my previous IVF this year. I have 6 unopened boxes of Menopur 75iu. exp 6/2017. 70.00 a box Trinh

Jun2-Nyc Nyc Leftover Meds From A Successfull Cycle , all meds are properly stored and unexpired with proof: Gonal f 300iu $250 Follistim 600iu $400 Pio$25 $Ganilex $65 Menopur $200 Lupron $200 Looking to help someone else in these tough times. Buyer pays shipping Please text for a faster response 518-299-8877 Khristy
Jun2-Bridgewater NJ Last two Follistim 900iu brand new expire date of 11/19 - asking $525 for both including shipping. Ganirelix 3 total - all 3 for $170 with shipping expire date 11/19. email for more information please 908-242-3343 Bekah (
Jan2-Savannah Georgia: Looking for Femara/Letrozole please contact me at Des
Jun2-Houston Texas IVF Med at Discounted Price I am selling the following IVF meds at a discounted price. All meds are sealed, unopened, refrigerated and include pharmacy information. Please email me at Gonal-F 900IU pen 8 75u vials of Menopur 1 0.25mg vial of Cetrotide 713-376-7080 Mika

Apr21-Danbury CT (10) Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5mL available $50 Each. (2) 6/17 (2) 9/17 (5) 10/17 (1) 6/18 50 Each. Meet locally or USPS COD. My wife and I have some Ganirelix leftover from IVF 203-994-1551 Rob

Jun1-Pasadena CA 2 week lupron / leuprolide kit expires 12/2017 - $150. 818 350 2464 Binh
Jun1-Boise idaho We had a pregnancy and no longer need IVF meds. 1 vial 600iu Follistem ex 9/17 $300 and about 500iu in remain vials I will donate. All refrigerated. COD please. Or Best offer. 208-901-0798 Flora
Jun1-Novi MI Selling left over meds from successful pregnancy- 4 pens of Gonal-F 900IU, 3 Ganirelix 0.25mg, 26 Menopur 75IU Ferring. Enoxaparin 0.40mg/.4ml. Endometrin 24 vaginal inserts. If interested please email 848-565-5342 Aru
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Jun1-Boston MA I'm donating these as I no longer need them: 2 Follistim 900 IU vials Exp. Feb2019, 1 Ovidrel 250mcg and 2 Ganirelix prefilled syringes Exp. Apr2019, 4 Endometrin 100mg Exp. Sep2018, 2 Estradiol 2mg bottles Exp.Sep2017. If interested pls email. Local pick-up in Boston only. Reva
Jun1-Birmingham Alabama Follistim 600 IU $300 exp. 5/2018 Menopur 3 vials 75iu $225 /$75vial exp. 5/2018 Chronic Gonadotropin 9000 units $100 exp. 3/16/2018 lots of needles and syringes free of charge, will overnight 205 585 2984 Brittany
Jun1-Chicago IL Crinone 8% gel, 15 single-use applicators per pack. 2 packs $60 per pack. Email 847 322 1607 Maria
Jun1-Saratoga NY Opened Follistim 900UI cartridge. Theres 225 units left in it, plus whatever overfill. Will be shipped in the pen because I no longer have the box. Will send all the needles and case for the pen. Exp 9/18, $200, shipping extra. 1 vial menopur, $45. 518 703-2294 Lisa
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