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Jan4-Chicago Illinois Single woman seeking to adopt child up to three years old, financially secure, own my own home, professional, nurturing, a wonderful environment for a baby to grow up in. All legally allowable expenses paid. 217-621-9852 Madison
Nov11-westwood California baby items ; Graco infant car seat , seat holder for car 2, click n go stroller, snugglebunny baby swing, matching vibrating chairfor sale all excellent condition 323-270-2929, locals only no shipping. jason
Sep19-Oklahoma City Oklahoma Full Size bed/with book spot in headboard mattress, flat boards for set up asking $30. Interest to Ladies never used sewing serger asking $25. One good lamp missing lamp shade asking $5. Patio/beach chair has certain logo asking $20. Text only 405-317-2378 Theresa
Sep3-Oklahoma City Oklahoma Full size bed asking $15, Nitendo64 $20 missing 1 part will take $15 instead. Contact me by texting only I am only answer text on the two items 405 317 2378 Theresa
Jul22-Chicago Illinois 2 Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 Car Seats w/bases. Like-new condition clean, verified recall-free, accident-free and do not expire until Oct. 2018. Paid $229 for each. Asking $115 for each. For pics and more info contact: Buyer pays shipping. 773 230 2387 Stephanie
Jul2-Burlington NJ Looking for 2 carseats, 2 packnplays and one twin stroller for family coming to visit with twins one boy, one girl 1.5 yrs old. Never travelled before trying to accommodate them and will give contribution. Don't need to purchase/borrow? Thank you so much. 7/3-7/13. 215 778 7056 Karen
May18-Houston TX Salvex Listing ID: 182956703 item details: This lot of Hardware, Lawn & Garden Tools is being sold in an asset liquidation sale conducted by the owner in order to recover funds and storage space. Details truckload : hardware, lawn &gGarden, tools, paint sprayers and dollies content: 17 Pallets, 713-229-9000 Carlos Velasquez
Jan22-Burlington Ontario Go to to view complete listing with photos and place your bid. Contact David Anderson at 713-229-9000 / 817-446-1133 or 713 229 9000 if you have specific questions pertaining to this listing.
Jan22-Los Angeles California Salvex Listing ID: 182954478 Item Details: These Nomination Italian Charms for Bracelets are available because seller wants to focus on other business and are being sold to recover funds and storage space. Product Italiam Charms for Bracelets on cards Manufacturer Nomination S David Anderson
Jan20-De Pere WisconsinSalvex Listing ID: 182954143 Item Details: These Hobby Greenhouses are being sold as liquidation of inventory as they are no longer stocked. 115 Units - Greenhouse & Base Greenhouse & Base packed in separate boxes UV protection on exterior side. 713-229-9000 Paul Gallagher
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I know this is sort of out there but have you ever thought of putting in an adoption page. Many couples are looking to adopt and the wait with an agency is a long one. If we can reach as many people as possible sometimes we are able to find people who are nervous or scared of the adoption process but are wanting to find a home for their unborn or child. Many people don't know where to turn but if they see that someone is in need and desperately wanting a child it makes the decision much easier. Thanks for reading and taking it into consideration even if you don't feel that it would fit into your site.
ans: The pages are demand driven..the way to start that is place an adoption ad in with the fertility med ads and if there is enough interest forthcoming i will separate adoption into a category of its own.
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